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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  May 5, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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♪ my arms... ♪ when i want you... ♪ ...and all your charms... ♪ whenever i want you, all i have to do is... ♪ [ female announcer ] introducing xfinity streampix. stream your favorite movies and full seasons of shows instantly on any screen. find out more online. good evening. i'm diane dwyer. san jose place out in force on cinco de mayo. they're concerned about violence after serious problems in the last couple years. so far the streets have been relatively quiet. in downtown san jose with the latest, kimberly. >> reporter: diane, police are definitely making their presence known tonight. seems like it is working so far. there have been no major
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incidents of violence tonight as they deploy tactics they used in the past for crowd control. for many in san jose, it is a chance to celebrate. >> people should know about cinco demayo it was a battle with the french. puebla won that day, the battle. >> reporter: it is a celebration. >> a celebration. >> my family every year we come down to the street and kick it and hang out with families. >> reporter: in year's past violence overshadowed the holiday. this year, police did not want to take their chances. backup patrols. >> we are not here to impede people. >> reporter: police reacted quickly to problems. officers stepped in to break up small fights in which glass bottles were thrown.
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police used diversion tactics to control direction and flow of vehicle traffic. since they say gridlock can some times leading to people shouting at each other and escalate. >> everything calmed down. i'm glad. everybody is having fun. doing their thing. >> nobody has been hurt. that's good. >> police have not released number off rests made tonight. last night during the precelebration. 21 people were arrested including three juveniles police say were involved in a gang-relate ad assault. that happened last night. >> kimberly, thank you. in san jose tonight, emergency crews rushed a man to the hospital after some one opened fire at an apartment complex. the shooting happened after 8:00 on cadillac, off winchester boulevard. neighbors sent photos. the victim's injuries are potentially life threatening. so far officers have not made
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any arrests there. president obama says he wants to keep moving forward. in fact that is the slogan for his 2012 campaign which he officially launched today. >> this is a make or break moment for the middle-class and we have been through too much to turn back now. >> the president held rallies in two key battleground states. ohio and virginia. he claims mitt romney is a presumptive republican nominee has little understanding of the struggles of average americans. republicans fired back saying the president is ignoring the past three and a half years and voters will not. it has been a difficult day for families of september 11th victims. the self proclaimed mastermind was arraigned at guantanamo bay and the hearing was filled with disruptions. khalid sheik mohammed declined to answer judge's questions and his four co-defendants often knelt in prayer. the five men charged with 2,976
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counts of murder. during the hearing, they also took off their ear phones that provided arabic translations. guards and police are still stationed outside the beijing hospital where a chinese activist is staying. protestors continue to gather outside the hospital demanding that they be allowed to see him. it is unclear if he is treated for an illness or under house arrest. meantime, his wife said she hadn't applied for travel documents and has no date set for them to possibly leave that country. wedding bells rang today for two uc berkeley graduates known internationally for being held in a prison in iran after a hiking trip along the border. shane bauer, proesed while they were behind bars in iran. we're told the cup said i do at 4:00 afternoon at undisclosed location in the bay area. coming up next, have you seen
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it, the moon is hard to miss tonight? we will show you some of the best video tonight's so-called "super moon." plus, he used to work at a bay area deli. today, well he was riding in the country's most famous horse race. the local claim to kentucky derby fame. >> temperatures around the bay area still pretty warm outside. in fact, fairfield right now, you will see 70 degrees. we have north wind tonight which will be gusty in the hills. if you are going to check out livermore wine country tomorrow, temperatures in the mid 80s. talk about a warmigme rac f bhth weekend when we come right bac
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if you haven't taken a look outside you may want to do so before you go to sleep. but not right now. a super moon is lighting up the bay area sky. and in san francisco to explain what exactly we are seeing and what a super moon is. hello, stephanie. >> reporter: hi, wait until after the newscast to check it out. wanted to show you on camera. it is too high up and doesn't quite translate. happens once a year when you get the perfect storm of elements. tonig tonight, saturday night. did draw some pretty large crowds. >> it is pretty amazing. >> when 9-year-olds are excite you'd know excite -- excited it is good. >> reporter: tonight not just any moon, super moon. 30% brighter than the usual full moon.
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>> the moon's orbit is an elipse. some times it is clos e to the earth. tonight it will be the closest, it will also be a full moon. and that's the big deal. >> mhundreds trekked to the center taking advantage to use the free telescopes and check out an ageless destination. >> we are so excited. we have never seen it before. we have seen it. and we see it on tv. we just want to see up close. >> reporter: the bay area sky putting science into perspective. outside classroom walls. >> just because you see it in pictures and books, now you see it up close. and live. >> but your eyes may be playing tricks on you. >> many people report that the moon looks larger when it is just right when close to the horizon. it is an optical illusion. you are seeing it relative to, objects on the ground. >> this 9-year-old, has already set his sights on an even greater picture.
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>> how big the universe is? >> that's what you are studying when you grow up? >> yeah. >> reporter: we'll look for him in the future. you can see the super moon until it sets around 6. 30. tomorrow morning. i spoke with our expert in the studio, rob, and he tells us that there is something more spectacular coming up may 20th, sunday an annual solar eclipse. the moon blocks the sun. there will appear a ring of fire around it. pretty cool. followed by a lunar eclipse on june 4. spectacular shows coming up. diane, back to you. >> thank you, stephanie. one of the most intense derby crowd this side of the mississippi gathered today. they were cheering for jockey martin garcia, who started his race career there in 2007. on number 20, he was number 20, at churchill downs today. he rode into headlines two years ago when he won the preakness. his boss at a deli said she
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introduce himd to horse racing. garcia is like a son to her. >> to have your son in there. same time they opened up the gates and pounding of the hooves one of the most exciting things i have ever mine entire life, ever experienced. >> got to love the hat too. she grew up with horses in mexico and moved to the united states. today finished in the top ten. speak ufg ting of kentucky . what's going on, hi, henry? >> hello, diane. dizzy day in sports. the oakland as go to extra innings in tampa. could they end up with a win against the best team in baseball? but first, a cinco de mayo spectacular. giants looking to snap a four-game losing streak. could he be the stoppe that isth next from xfinity spos desk.
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in baseball underachieving is unacceptable. giants/brewers on a four-game losing streak. the g-man found a we to snap out of the funk. out to at & t park. all the action. bottom of the third inning. one of the hottest hitters in the lineup. back up the middle off the pitcher. an infield hit. 19-game hit streak for him. buster posey with a runner on third. base hit, scores cabrera. giants up 2-1. first giants lead in 43 innings. top of the ninth. giants up. and castillo with the ninth place. giants win, 5-2. and jamie has more. >> when the giants needed it the most, madison came through.
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to win five games. >> and, you know, we did a great job today. hitting, defense, everything. >> had some very good at-bats with, clutch hits. and doubles. to go with that. and, that's what we needed. bumgartner seemed to get us going with his hit. double there. didn't get him over. but he delivers with, a double. and -- and -- offense seemed like it is starting to click a little bit better. >> bumgartner's rough start to the season in arizona. no question the team's most consistent starter. he has a 1.54 e.r.a. over the course of his five-game winning streak. reporting from at & t park. >> thank you, jamie. over to as baseball. taking on the rays. the mascot. celebrating cinco de mayo.
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deep fly to left. petaluma's own. leaping kaccatch. top of the 12th. former tampa bay ray. and again. he is gone. as win. 4-3. in 12 innings. the 138th run of the kentucky derby, a homestretch, to remember. i'll have another with the late run. to pass s jojockey gutierrez. he wins it. that will do it. floyd mayweather jr. beat miguel cotto, unanimous decision in las vegas thank you, henry. >> want to check in with our meteorologist, rob. >> clear skies. view of the moon tonight. nice weather this evening. still warm. look at fairfield. 70 degrees. north wind. really kept the temperatures up around the north bay.
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into fairfield. tonight if you are in the east bay hills or north bay hills. it will be a little gusty. wind around the hill tops. 20, 30 miles an hour. which will be blowing around the tree pollen. unfortunately to wrap up the weekend. probably the highest part of the complaint department for the weather. to wrap up the weekend. the pollen blowing around. as you go out to the wine country festival tomorrow. plan on temperatures in the mid 80s. so that's warmer than the 79 we saw in livermore. you can see clear skies. up and down the coast. low clouds blowing away from the coast. high pressure bidding ih usure . a wind machine. bay area hill tops to wrap up the weekend. all the areas in orange. well into the 80s. east bay vallies. santa clara. 80s inland. gusty around the hill tops to wrap up the weekend. temperatures around the bay area. low to mid 80s. and the times around it. and get into pleasantton.
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86 tomorrow. 85 in livermore. back into the bay. warming up. see the numbers in the 70s. close to 80. warmer spots around the peninsula. low 80s. north bay. does look like we will see temperatures warm wing up a little bit more for monday. that will likely be the warmest day of the week. perhaps close to 90 in a few spots. then the sea breeze turns on. the forecast looks more, i would say this looks more like july. see the numbers cooling middle part uh the wof the week. seven-day forecast. not just the full moon tonight. for any outdoor plans. looks great through the week. >> have to agree. thank you. >> coming up next. shaq got a ph.d. today. any guess what subject? we'll show you coming up next. >> after two superbowls this is definitely the third most exciting night of my life. >> new york giants quarterback eli manning host is a brand new "saturday night live" tonight and gets a little help from cameo appnc martines artin
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tonight an exclusive. writing on the wall you don't want to see in your neighborhood. it's graffiti. last year the city of san jose laid off employees and outsourced its clean-up to save money. a company in los angeles won the five year contract worth $3 m t million. taxpayers aren't exactly getting what they paid for. these guys use one coat of paint to mask another. they clean it, measure it, then you pay for it. foot by foot. take the two swings in a park. how many square feet? >> two.
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>> do the math. simple, important math. because the company is paid by the square foot. that company is graffiti protective coating or gpc. they hold city records. more than 25,000 work orders to see exactly how your money is being spent. then we grab the tape measure, and check gpcs math. so how much did the company charge to water blast these swings? 40 square feet. each swing is only one square foot. >> i think san jose is crazy for paying for something. >> this utility pole. workers painted 58 square feet. really. our measurement shows it is 12. the list goes on. how about the scribble on this trash can. they charged 40 square feet to wash it off. >> it is obviously ridiculous. i don't want to be paying ten times what it should be. graffiti protective coatings has been in business since last june. they're paid 40 cents a square
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foot to abate graffiti. according to their contract they're budgeted to clean up 1 1/2 million square feet a year. nine months in they surpassed that. does it upset you they're overcharging the city and taxpayer dollars are being wasted? >> i disagrease. you are stating something i disagree with. >> the city's director of parks, recreation and services. she overseies the program. i don't believe they're overcharging city. >> this is after we showed you. two swings. >> i would have to check the square footage on this particular abatement. >> and this. this one is a sign sticker on a stop sign. they say that is five square feet. the whole stop sign isn't five square feet. >> uh-huh. >> right. >> we crunched the numbers. record show # 3% of the sign
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stickers removed were charged as being 5 square feet. that is almost 400 stickers. all the sign stickers are 5 square feet. >> the sign is, i'm not an expert on square footage. >> neither are we. we know the mailbox isn't 205 square feet. how many trees have you seen covered in 25 square feet of paint. according to record this is one of them. and work logs show there are 113 more. >> it's not what we paid for. >> reporter: the city councilman can't get over the 40 square foot swings. >> 40 square foot. i don't think you could get that if you put ten together. >> does it make you mad to see this? >> yeah, i am disgusted. >> that's not all. according to the city's own study gra fee fffiti has gone u. and the city states down 7% overall. stark contrast from six years
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ago when san jose's program was nationally known for bringing graffiti down to 129 tags city wide. rick stanton ran the program. he is a consultant for other cities. >> when you drive down the street and see graffiti on every other light pole and utility antibiotics is a problem. >> city workers used to paint over just graffiti. now they, gpc is instructed to paint the whole wall. called beautification. thet s pquare dy the square foot. >> $2800 for each one of these 7,000 square foot walls to make them all look uniform. do you think that is worth it? >> not only to make them look unifor. so the neighbors and safety and security.sense of ae >> gpc charged the city $1,600 to paint this 4,000 square foot wall. can you tell the difference. >> i don't know that this idea
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of contracting out has been a success. >> we wanted to talk to gpc. but they ignored our repeated request for an interview. we followed gpc workers in san jose. we asked them about photos from prior months like the swings. what would you charge for that? >> just one seat. yeah. >> 40 was written down. 40 square feet. what would you say that would be. square feet? >> one. no less than one. >> how was this not caught? i have supervisors oversee the program. we do not check each and every incident wec do spot checks. if there is anything that you feel is inaccurate. >> tha tht isn't my job. that's your job. >> whether the job measures up to san jose standard. well depends on who you ask. >> they do a great job in our community. i thin squluk you should report
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as well. >> we went from having a national model to this. sad day for our city. >> the owner of gpc declund oinr offers to set up an interview. she did respond to an e-mail. she said our company spot checks billings. we went by gpc's address in los angeles to try to talk to someone in person. turns out it is a po box. we posted more photos. and all 25,000 work orders we reviewed on our website at nbc bay just search for graffiti. all right. shaq, is now dr. o'neal. today the former nba star received a doctorate in education. at 7'1", shaq had to get down on one knee to accept the graduation. the former all star, earned cumulative gpa of 3.81. his doctoral project, explored how ceos and business leaders
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use humor in the work place. thank you for watching nbc bay area news and all new "saturday night live" is up next. good night. -that' is it a robot? no. is it a jet plane? nope. is it a dinosaur?] [ male announcer ] inside every box of heart healthy cheerios are those great tasting little o's made from carefully selected oats that c help lower cholesterol. stickers? uh-uh. a superhero? ♪ kinda.
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